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 SEASON 13 (2017-2018) SCHEDULE

Here's the schedule for the current season:
Week# Date Location Host Club Notes
1 11/18/17 JAZZ JAZZ  
2 12/16/17 JAZZ SDTC  
  1/7/18   CANCELLED 
3 1/14/18 SBF AD Sunday morning; start time approx 9am
4 1/27/18 AOC AOC  
5 2/11/18 SBF AD Sunday morning; start time approx 9:30 am
6 2/24/18 AOC T2TQ T2TQ provides courses, judges, etc
7 3/3/18 JAZZ LEDA  
8 3/18/18 AOC AOC  

AOC - Albany Obedience Club
JAZZ - JAZZ Agility Training Center
SBF - Sugar Bush Farm
AD - AgileDogs Agility Training
SDTC - Schenectady Dog Training Club
T2TQ - Takes 2 To Q
LEDA - Follow the Leda

You can download the current season's registration form in PDF or Word

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